Nazalı aims to provide services to national and international clients in the most correct and fastest way within legal framework by way of extensive knowledge and experience which is gained in a long and hard process.

Accordingly, Nazalı’s main objectives are;

•    to determine the requirements initially and then make a plan to find the most correct and legal solution.
•    to provide legal, active, safe, timely and full consultancy and tax certification service pursuant to national and international legislation provisions.
•    to improve applicable and rational planning and strategies by way of our experience and knowledge which is gained in our works in the different sectors.
•    to notify the recent changes in the legislation to our clients by the communiques prepared by us.
•    to elaborate our wide and up-to-date range of product to make it more analyzing, participating and efficient in order for satisfying the needs and issues of our clients.

Besides of the services provided for clients, Nazalı is also attentive about the continuous improvement of our teammates which are titled as certified public accountant, lawyer, counsellor, independent accountant and financial advisor, auditor and inspection assistant by means of internal trainings and attendance to national and international conferences as participant and trainer.

Nazalı grows with their clients and this growth is based on knowledge and expertise.

If a request occurs for working with Nazalı which render service to corporate structures and companies willing to institutionalization, the information indicated in the contact part will be enough and then we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.