In addition to the general support measures, the Dutch cabinet is allocating 482 million euros extra for the cultural sector. The cultural and creative sector can also rely on the general support measures, so that more than 700 million is expected to be available for culture.

Global distribution

The distribution of the supplementary package is as follows:

  • € 200 million is intended for a continuation of the previous culture support package until 1 July 2021. These funds go to cultural institutions that are of crucial importance for the national infrastructure, but also to artists and creative professionals; the exact implementation of the € 200 million will be worked out in the coming period;
  • € 14 million will be made available for half a year bridging for institutions with a positive assessment for the BIS and multi-year fund grants, for which no budget was available;
  • € 20 million will be made available for the preservation of private museums and art collections of national importance;
  • € 15 million will be made available for the preservation of the sailing heritage (the so-called brown fleet);
  • € 15 million will be made available for a guarantee fund for film productions and the start-up of pilots to increase the agility and resilience of the sector;
  • € 150 million enables municipalities to support the crucial local cultural infrastructure. This is in addition to the € 68 million that will become available for the damage incurred by municipalities and provinces.


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