Following the alleviation of the drastic measures taken by the Moroccan authorities to limit the spread of the coronavirus, in particular with regards to the ability for foreigners not holding a Residence or registration card to access the Moroccan territory, the Authorities announced last week their decision to open the country’s borders for citizens of countries which are not subject to visa requirement to enter Morocco, and who wish to visit the country, as long as the conditions below are respected:

  • Holding an invitation from a Moroccan company for professional visitors;
  • Presenting a hotel reservation for foreign citizens.

Professional visitors and citizens of countries which are not subject to visa requirement to enter Morocco, will be able to visit Moroccan companies upon presenting a simple invitation from the latter. Invitations must be printed on the letterhead of the inviting company (including especially its ICE (Common Enterprises Identifier), trade register number and address).

Moreover, the invitation must be signed and stamped by an authorized person from the company, and show the purpose of the visit, the full names and passport numbers of the visitors, their date of entry into the Moroccan territory as well as their place of residence during their stay in Morocco.

Also, foreign nationals who are citizens of countries which are not subject to visa requirement and who have a confirmed hotel reservation in Morocco will be able to access the Moroccan territory upon presenting the said reservation.

However, nationals interested in this opening must comply with the health rules imposed by the authorities, in particular the obligation to carry out the required tests for Covid-19 beforehand.

This decision, initially scheduled for September 10, came into force on September 05th, 2020 for professional visitors and on September 06th, 2020 for the second category.

Finally, below is the list of countries whose citizens are exempted from entry visa into Morocco.

According to Royal Air Maroc (Moroccan airline) only 17 countries are covered by its flights. Here are the said countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Canada, USA, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mauritania.


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